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Cure Cancer Past Purchases

Cure Cancer Past Purchases


See below for where our incredible donations have been used!


October 2018 

Letting you know, that the Quantum  Analyser your charitable donations purchased is up and running. Thank you all so much for making this happen


Fragment Analyzer 96 

Once we have collected the cells, we face the problem of checking the quality of the DNA in each before proceeding to detailed analysis. If the quality of DNA in any individual cell is not up to scratch, there’s no point in analysing it further and it is discarded. This quality control process is normally laborious and time consuming, but the Fragment Analyser allows us to rapidly check 96 single cells at a time, thereby saving hundreds of man-hours per year, and freeing up our scientists to work on other things.


Bioanalyzer – a machine that can measure tiny amounts of DNA RNA and proteins isolated from cancer cells.


Feb 2015

  • Major contributor towards the purchase of 1 x MetaSystems MetaCyte Upgrade for Existing Axio Observer Z1 Zeiss metasystems Metafer Imaging platform.
  • Contribution towards another Cytoff Mass Cytometer (latest model)

July 2013

  • Purchase of 1 x XP-300 Automated Haematology Analyser 

March 2013

  • Purchase of 1 x EVOS fl Fluorescence Microscope with 5 objectives and 3 LED Cubes

July 2012

  • Major contributor towards a Cytoff Mass Cytometer

December 2011

  • Purchase of  the following items:

o   1 x LS4800 Cryogenic Refrigerator

o   1 x Roller Base for LS3000, LS4800 and LS6000

o   48 x Cryo Stor. 1.2 & 2ml, 100 Places, Blue

o   1 x QLA100 Low Level Alarm

o   1 x Supply & Installation of Low Level Alarm including Pipework

o   1 x 7500 Fast Real Time PCR System w/ Laptop

o   1 x Install Kit, Fast 7500 Chemicals

o   1 x 7500 Fast SDS Software

o   1 x High Resolution Melting Software

o   1 x 3 Year Service Plan for PCR Machine

o   1 x Thermomixer comfort, basic without exchangeable thermoblock

o   1 x Exchangeable thermoblock for micro test tubes 24x 1.5 ml, complete w/ IsoTherm Rack & IsoTherm cool pack

o   2 x Centrifuge 5424R (refrigerated), 230V/50-60Hz, dial version

o   1 x Centrifuge 5810R, w/o rotor, refrigerated, 230 V/50-60 Hz

o   1 x Swing-bucket rotor A-4-81,incl. 4 x 500ml rectangular bucket

o   1 x MTP Flex bucket, retrofit set, 2 pcs.

o   1 x Adapter for 96-well PCR plate, 2 pcs

o   2 x Adapter 500ml rectang bucket use w/ 12x15ml Falcon tubes

o   2 x Adapter 500ml rectang bucket use w/ 5x50ml Falcon tubes



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